Our top 10 Glaswegian Phrases

Those wee Glaswegian phrases can get confusing - get yerself familiar before ye go!

2019 June 20

Our top 10 Glaswegian Phrases

If you’ve ever been fascinated about accents and local dialects, then this one’s for you. Like other UK accents, Glaswegian has its own unique influences originating from Irish to Gaelic, which is what gives it its distinctive sound and sayings. With our roundup of top Glaswegian phrases, we’ll have you feeling like a local in no time.

  1. Bolt ya rocket: To tell someone to go away when they are testing your patience. In other words, ‘leave me alone!’.  To call someone a ‘rocket’ is like calling them daft (or an eejit – another Glaswegian phrase meaning ‘idiot’!). 
  2. Gallus: A type of swagger – you either have it or you don’t! You could be the most confident, popular individual when you walk into a room or the complete opposite (like loud and over-assertive). As you can see, it can have either positive or negative connotations.
  3. Away an bile yer heid: This is a common phrase in Glaswegian slang that is used to react in the context of when someone is talking nonsense. Essentially, it suggests a person should go away and boil their head in shame (ouch!).
  4. Mad awe it: If you have had one too many to drink then you’re mad awe it – very, very drunk. 
  5. Swally: Booze/bevvy – an alcoholic beverage (or 10). Picture yourself in the club, it’s gone past 1am and you’ve had a wee swally…do you dare go for more?
  6. Pure Baltic: Another way of saying it’s ridiculously cold. This is a common phrase in Glasgow when temperatures are often at an all-time low.
  7. Taps aff: Take your top off – for that one day a year when the sun is out. Use this phrase wisely.
  8. Gie-in it laldy: A phrase commonly used when you have nothing to lose. Basically to go for it, or to give it your all – no regrets. 
  9. Gaun yersel: Words of encouragement – go on yourself! If someone shouts this at you, it’s a good sign they have your back.
  10. Did ye, aye?: Using some necessary sarcasm, to put someone in their place. Best used with a smirk!

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